Bringing Great Products to Market

In the highly competitive natural food and beverage market, Ground Up Group’s laser focus is to open new business and increase store level presence at retail for our brand partners. In order to do so we retain and train our associates to not only maintain shelf space, but to always be up selling. Increasing our brand partner’s store level presence with new flavors, new line extensions, and multiple points of distribution is an essential practice in our day to day field development strategy.

Maintaining shelves is not enough for Ground Up Group. We are always seeking to gain new placements, open new accounts, and gain incremental points of distribution in our natural food and beverage retail locations. Ground Up associates are youthful yet experienced and have excellent store level relationships. Our associates are well compensated and incentivized with the goal of increasing and growing market share for our brand partners. New business and new points of distribution is our primary goal.

Our highly skilled team of sales and merchandising associates have long standing relationships with their respective grocery managers and buyers. We utilize those relationships to increase market share for our brand partner’s ensuring their products not only get on shelf, but become well visible, well maintained, and well known by our grocery buyers and staff as well as store shoppers.

Ground Up Group knows that less brands equates to more attention at retail level. We do not take on multiple brands in each of our three major marketplaces. Too many brands to manage for a merchandising agency equates to less attention at store level. In addition, we do not seek to hire as many ‘foot soldiers’ as possible just to loose them in several months due to brand overload, burn out, or better job opportunities. We retain, train, and highly compensate our team of industry experts to manage a reasonable portfolio of brands per region. This does mean more selectivity of brands we take on in our portfolio but it also means much more attention to the brands we do partner with. Brands require a lot of persistence and cultivation at retail level. Our highly skilled associates gain detailed knowledge of our brand’s unique value and clearly communicate our brand’s priorities to our grocery buyers. With each store visit we gain, maintain, and cultivate our brand’s retail presence with long term success as the goal. Ground up Group are the Navy Seals of selling and merchandising in the highly competitive natural food and beverage marketplace.